Bayshore Board of Directors for 2020

The 2020 budget was approved and three directors were elected at the November 20th annual Members Meeting.

The budget total, and maintenance fees, are unchanged. What and how owners paid this year will be the same next year.

For example, owners paying their maintenance fees on a monthly basis will continue  to pay $247.80 each month. The annual payment is twelve times that.

The three directors are:
  • Scott Lueken, President (Director since 2018)
  • Denice Jordan, Vice-President (Director since 2019)
  • Carla White, Secretary-Treasurer (Director since 2019)
Scott is the only director returning from last year.

All Bayshore business should be conducted through our management company. Contact them, first. If they cannot resolve something, then they have the responsibility to bring it to the attention of the board.

If you need to to contact the board about the management company, then you can write all board members with the generic address Directors at

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