Gator Warning

Be alert for alligators ~ especially around the retention ponds at the Bayshore Townhouses property.

This is a precautionary warning. There have been no incidents with alligators.

Alligators do not see adult humans as food, but a pet probably looks like a tasty snack.

There are no known nests here this year, but occasionally alligators have been seen walking through the property this spring.

History lesson: Several years ago a gator raised her babies near a culvert under Oyster Bayou Way. She would gather them in her mouth then back into the culvert whenever people approached. Most residents were unaware of the family, and few actually saw them. The family eventually moved on.

Again, no interactions between alligators and humans or pets have been reported. Let's keep it that way!

PS: It's a misdemeanor in Florida to feed alligators or crocodiles.

PS: Rick Jaggers is not on the Board, so he's only summarizing provided information.

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