Roofing To Do List

When construction begins on your unit:

  • Make sure to take down all wall hangings
  • Take your window screens out if possible
  • If you have anything that you feel may break on the interior/exterior of your home remove as precaution
  • Regarding nails that may fall into your yards, driveways, and roadways, please be aware to notice and remove if you see any. The roofing company will do daily magnetic scans but some may be overlooked.
  • We anticipate receiving a schedule from the roofing company which will be conveyed to the owners.
  • Please be patient during the time of constructions with regards to parking, equipment etc. while we get our much-needed new roofs.
If you have any other questions or concerns, please contact our property manager
    Matthew O'Neil at 727-726-8000 ext 312
    or via email at

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