2018 Board of Directors

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The HOA had the annual Members' Meeting in early November. The Board for 2018 was elected, and officers chosen. Their names are:

  • Joelle Carastro - President 
  • Bob LaPiana
  • Mark White 
  • Pam Carlyon
  • Matt Schmid
-- Rick Jaggers
(Resident, #10 Seagrape)


  1. You have a typo in the minutes. The last line, "The Board of 1018..." should be "The Board of 2018..."

  2. Oops. Fixed. Thank you!

    BTW, these weren't "minutes" but intended more as a comment in passing. If you want copies of the minutes then ask the Board, and they will probably refer you to the management company.

  3. Rick, we rented next to Valerie and Joe and are looking to buy back in to Bayshore.
    If anyone is considering selling, have them ring us up at 1-352-601-3863 Dan & Kim. :-) Thank You.