2017 ~ New Year, New Board, New Mailing list!

Please go to the Email Mailing List page by following the link on the right to sign up! Once you sign up, you will be sent an email to confirm your request (opt-in).

You can manage your own preferences.

The HOA had the annual Members' Meeting in November. The Board for 1017 was elected, and officers chosen. Their names and officer positions are:

  • Valerie Cuzzola - President 
  • Mark White - Vice-President
  • Joelle Carastro - Secretary
  • Bob LaPiana - Treasurer
  • Peggy McGowen - Member-at-large

The Board will be responsible for anything sent through the mailing list. (The list has been set up at no cost to the the Association members.)

Happy New Year!!!

Rick Jaggers