Bayshore Townhouses Pool Re-Opens...!

Bayshore Townhouses
Swimming Pool

😀 Opens 6am April 30th 😀

Pinellas County close all community pools over a month ago,(March 27), including our pool, because of the Coronavirus pandemic scare. Our HOA directors were required to chain and padlock the gates.

The closure has been reversed, with some limitations!! The HOA president want to point out these points she extracted from the document from our management company:

  • The pool and deck are limited to 5 people (50% of the posted capacity)
  • Follow CDC guidelines for social distancing
  • All persons not part of the same family must remain at least six feet apart
  • Clean/disinfect surfaces of pool furniture before and after use
This link will open in a new tab: April 28 Information Packet.

PS: Our HOA President wants to modify the signs at the bottom to substitute the number "5" wherever it shows "10." The Bayshore "pool capacity" is officially 10 people, so our post-quarantine number is 5.

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